Hurricane IRMA Claims

Your insurance claim approved, or we will do the work for free!  Call to schedule a free estimate and receive a roof damage report from an honest professional. If your roof is not a candidate for replacement, we will not pursue your claim.


Have you noticed some of your neighbors getting new roofs? You may have sustained major damage from Hurricane IRMA and not even know it. Thousands of roofs across Florida are still in dire need of replacement. Yours may be one of them and the time is running out to make a hurricane claim.

Our staff and network of attorneys and public adjusters have decades of experience fighting the insurance companies. Even if you have already been denied our team can still get you approved. You don’t have to fight them on your own and you don’t have to pay for any public adjuster or lawyer fees. ReRoof Plus will provide these services to you free of charge. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

hurricane irma home damage

Insurance Claim Process
  1. You will call the insurance and make a damage claim. This is the only part we cannot do for you.
  2. A Reroof Plus rep will meet your insurance adjuster on site to assess the damages.
  3. We will interact with the carrier for a full estimate approval.
  4. After a deposit is collected all material selections are made and ordered.
  5. The work will be permitted, scheduled, and completed.
  6. Final payment will be collected and all warranties are provided.
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